MEHC Code Of Conduct

Mt Eden Hockey Club endorses the Code of Conduct applied by the Auckland Hockey Association.

The Mt Eden Hockey Club Code of Conduct aims to promote a positive image for the sport of hockey and applies to all players, coaches, managers, umpires and spectators associated with the Mt Eden Hockey Club.


Behaviour Code

There is one key element to the expected behaviour of Mt Eden Hockey People:      RESPECT

As a Mt Eden Hockey Player you are expected to:

  • Respect your Teammates
    • Remember: You participate for your enjoyment, as do those around you.
    • Cooperate with your team and coach. Work hard for them, and your teams performance will benefit.
    • Respect those in your team, no matter what age, race, size, shape, religion, or gender. Discrimination will not be tolerated.
  • Respect your Opposition
    • Treat all participants as you would want to be treated. Applaud good plays, control your temper, and don’t provoke other players.
  • Respect the Umpires
    • Play by the rules
    • Never argue with an umpire- if you disagree, raise it via your captain, coach or manager.
  • Respect the players.
    • This is specifically for those on the sideline:        
      • Respect everyone on the field, no matter what age, race, shape, size, or gender
      • Show appreciation for the volunteers that do their jobs (umpires, coaches, managers and administrators).


As a club we need to show Respect on the pitch and off it.


Dress Code

All players, coaches, managers and umpires should adhere to appropriate dress standards. Players are encouraged to ensure that socks are pulled up and their shirts tucked in (where appropriate). Players are not to wear hard peaked caps.


Blood Code

All players must leave the pitch immediately if they are bleeding and may return when the wound has been covered. Each team should ensure that they have with them an appropriately equipped First Aid kit and should notify their Club Captain or Gear Co-ordinator when anything requires replacing. If there is excessive blood on a player’s uniform then this must also be cleaned or replaced.



All matches covered by this Code of Conduct will be played according to the current FIH Rules of Hockey and any additional trial rules adopted by NZHF or Auckland Hockey.



The use of swearing or expletives is not acceptable. Umpires will be issuing cards for this offence. Spectators and coaches must also refrain from using abusive language. If a spectator or coach receives a warning for the use of abusive language or is warned for behaviour which may constitute misconduct but the warning is ignored, the captain must choose a player to send off the field.

Misconduct, as referred to in the FIH Rules, is deemed to include:

  • Striking at any participant or any spectator, whether it be with stick, fist or foot or otherwise
  • Spitting of any nature
  • Refusal to take measures to stop bleeding or other secretions which might cause a turf to be potentially infected in an avoidable manner
  • Verbal abuse or any display of dissent
  • Swearing of any nature
  • Any unseemly or unsporting behaviour
  • Any behaviour which brings disrepute to the sport of Hockey


Procedure For A Breach Of Conduct

Please note: a breach of conduct may be a breach of any of the above sections in the code of conduct, or a breach of the AK Hockey Code of Conduct. For the Mt Eden Code of Conduct, this includes the Behavioural code, Dress Code, Blood Code, Rules, or Misconduct.

Captains and Coaches have a responsibility to ensure that their players are aware of conduct matters and should set an appropriate example.

If teams feel that a breach of the Auckland Hockey Code of Conduct has occurred during a game, then they should note on the Game Card that “A report from the club will follow.” Please note: if Mt Eden decides during the investigation that they need to bring the incident to the attention of AK Hockey, then Mt Eden Hockey Club reserves the right to do so.

1.    Following a breach, a written report of the incident, card, or breach of code of conduct, must be sent to the Club Secretary or President. This includes reports of the following issues:

  1. If a Club Member is issued with a yellow or red card (responsibility for this is the team Captain and Coach).
  2. Club umpires who issue red or yellow cards (responsibility falls on the umpire).
  3. If any Club Member views or is involved in inappropriate conduct during a match, or has been involved in an incident that may result in a complaint from another Club (any person can submit the report).

2.    The incident reported will be subject to evaluation by Club Exec (minimum president, one club captain, plus one other ) – within 24hrs of report.

3.    If the incident falls within the AK Hockey code of conduct, a letter of complaint will be written to initiate an AK Hockey investigation. An AK hockey investigation may run in parallel with a Mt Eden investigation. For the process of investigation for an AK Hockey received complaint, please refer the AK Hockey Code of Conduct.

4.    If necessary, club will hold a Disciplinary Committee meeting, which can be constituted by either of the Club captains, plus another Executive Member.

5.    Prior to this meeting, the club can request any of the following:

  1. A report from the player/players  involved.
  2. A report from the umpires.
  3. A report from the captain of the team involved.
  4. Any information from the opposing club.
  5. Reports from any spectators/players observing.
  6. The player concerned, if required, will have the chance to discuss with the Committee.

6.    After the conclusion of this meeting, the Club may find it appropriate to stand players down for one, or a number of games, for breach of the Club Code of Conduct (even if the matter has not yet been dealt with by an AHA judicial hearing).  Any penalty handed down by AK Hockey will run in parallel with the penalty from Mt Eden.

7.    In the case of a red card, the club will stand down the player concerned for 28 days.