Club Sponsors

A big thank you to the following sponsors, please support these organisations as they have supported us.



Located just 5 mins away from our home turf Sports First has all your hockey needs covered including a "Try Out Zone".  Visit them for expect advice and receive your club discount.  The club benefits from sales. 

954 Dominion Road Mt Roksill

PH 09 620 0357

download.png  PH 021 022 07725

I will be attending Wednesday training at the club in the evening usually between 6-8pm. I will be available for walkins/no appointment necessary whilst I am on site. First in first served!
Physio is for everyone, you do not have to have sustained an injury playing hockey – any injury can be managed with physiotherapy. It must be accident related to see me. But if you have a niggle that has been with you for a while I will provide free advice.
Services I can provide:

  •  ACC claim lodgement no referral needed
  •  Injury rehabilitation
  •  Strapping
  •  Manual Therapy (massage, trigger point release, mobilisations etc)
  •  Exercise prescription
  •  Acupuncture/dry needling ? clinic only
  •  Specialist referral if necessary