SUMMER HOCKEY 2015/2016 - resumes Wednesday 20th January 2016

at Diocesan School for Girls, Auckland


If you are interested in volunteering your time to umpire any of the summer hockey games,

please email  


Summer Hockey Draw (updated 09/01/2016)

20-January-16 6:05 Sticks and Giggles vs One Hit Wonders
  6:05 Diocesan Red vs Here for Beer
  6:55 Diocesan Blue vs Mastereds
  6:55 The Orca Whales vs Stick Magnets
  7:45 Smack my Pitch Up vs Little Bit Rusty
  7:45 Stick Sweepers vs TSA
27-January-16 6:05 Little Bit Rusty vs TSA
  6:05 Smack my Pitch Up vs Stick Sweepers
  6:55 Diocesan Red vs Sticks and Giggles
  6:55 Here for Beer vs One Hit Wonders
  7:45 The Orca Whales vs Diocesan Blue
  7:45 Stick Magnets vs Mastereds
03-February-16 6:05 The Orca Whales vs Mastereds
  6:05 Stick Magnets vs Diocesan Blue
  6:55 Little Bit Rusty vs Stick Sweepers
  6:55 Smack my Pitch Up vs TSA
  7:45 Here for Beer vs Sticks and Giggles
  7:45 Diocesan Red vs One Hit Wonders
10-February-16 6:05 1st Pool C vs 2nd Pool C
  6:05 3rd Pool C vs 4th Pool C
  6:55 1st Pool A vs 2nd Pool A
  6:55 3rd Pool A vs 4th Pool A
  7:45 1st Pool B vs 2nd Pool B
  7:45 3rd Pool B vs 4th Pool B


Mt Eden Hockey Club would like to thank the following organisations for their ongoing financial support



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